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Personalise any gift of a wine bottle with these boxes. Each can either be engraved or engraved and cut. There are 3 styles of box and each can be personalised with ANY design You help to create with my free design service. NO ALCOHOL IS SUPPLIED WITH THIS PRODUCT


Style 1 is the keepsake box. This will take a full size wine bottle as a gift then afterwards any keepsakes like jewellery, trinkets and photographs. Solid wood box with brass/gold coloured hinges and clasp. NO CARRYING CORD.

Style 2 is the antique effect box. Similar to the keepsake box but with wooden inserts to better display and hold a wine bottle. Comes with antique styled hinges and clasp. Carrying cord attached.

Style 3 slot lid box. The lid on this box can be cut through to various effects like the Jail Box and Window designs. Carrying cord attached but no bottle inserts, hinges or catches.


Wood wool packing can be added to any order for £2.50 extra


Wine Box

  • NO ALCOHOL IS SUPPLIED WITH THESE. I offer a design and laser cutting and engraving service. 

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