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My name is Gary Leonard and I am the Garleon of Garleoncraft. 

I have been creating and crafting from my garden sheds and home in the Scottish Highlands for over ten years now. Primarily Garleoncraft was always a hobby job that has just grown into something more. As a lifelong Star Wars, Movie and gadget fan I needed a way to fund my next purchase that Mrs Leonard would not approve of. My crafting was always just for fun. However when you put a picture up of something you have made on facebook and people start asking "How much is it for one of those", you start looking at your hobby a little differently.

I always try and keep the personal touch and hand made look to everything I make. If it can be cut or painted by hand, I will do it that way. I have resisted buying a CNC routering machine because I found myself asking at what point does something stop being hand made?

I started off makining signs for children's bedrooms out of MDF and painting them. Because of my constant need to try something new and different, I'm always trying out new ways of crafting and making things. Vinyl cutters, palm routers, laser cutters and pyrography burners are all in my toolbox. I have dabbled in welding and metalwork fabricating and have recently entered the world of 3D printing. There's never a dull moment with Garleoncraft. 



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