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Corporate work 


giraffe safari

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ed and Annette from The Glenmorangie Company at the Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain. 

After I initially contacted Ed regarding a job in the warehouse, I mentioned my crafting work and asked if they could use my services there. My "brass neck" approach worked and  I was put in contact Annette who said they were undergoing some upgrading works on the Shop and Visitor Centre.

It turns out that the whisky stills at Glenmorangie are as tall as an African male giraffe. This fact has led to a long association with these magnificent animals and a sponsorship with The Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

You can can see My work on their behalf as Giraffe Safari mural on the outside wall of the Shop. Inside the shop you can also see Glen the giraffe on the wall (I believe Morangie is elsewhere on site). If you would like to "Leaf your name" on the mural you can buy a leaf and leave your mark. 


I'd like to thank Ed and Annette for sticking their necks out and comissioning me to work for them. If you would like to sponsor a CRAFTER you can do so here

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