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Poplar wooden bungs have been used for over a century as the bung of choice in Whisky and Wine casks. This soft sustainable wood expands when wet to create a tight seal after filling.

At Garleoncraft I can engrave one or both surfaces of these bungs with any message or design of your choice. These bungs can be used to seal your limited edition casks, be given away as gifts or sold as souvenirs 

Hello. The fact that you are here means that you are intrigued by the promotional bung you recieved and the opportunities they present. Therefore so will your Customers and Clients.

Use your imagination. Engraved bungs can be used for...

Tour tickets.

Gift vouchers.

Pricing and bottle information.

Tasting times.

Promotional gifts.

Thank you notes.

oh and even for sealing barrels.


All bungs are manufactured to industry specifications and sourced from trusted and respected suppliers M McKenzie. They are then personalised on one or both surfaces by Me
to Your design.


The most commonly used and requested bung diameter sizes are 2" (51mm)
2 1/2 " (63mm)
3 1/16" (78mm)
Other sizes may be available on request.    

It's your attention to detail and the little things that matter to your customers.
Prove it with custom bungs. Contact me to discuss all the details.

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